Creating privacy through acoustic solutions – Upgrading the UFBA offices.

The UFBA engaged Interstall originally for clearing the general office floor furniture, and relocating this once renovations were complete.  In the process of discussing how the fit out would work, it was revealed that Interstall could also provide the UFBA with assistance in using screens to create a division between the reception area and the [...]

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Who are Interstall?

Originally, Interstall started as a ‘one man band’ out of a single home garage, born in 2016 with the goal of delivering a hassle-free service to the facility and commercial furniture industry here in Wellington. These days, just six years later, we’re run by a daring husband and wife duo based out in Petone, recognised [...]

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Why good acoustics are critical for learning

When it comes to time spent in the classroom, we know most of that time is spent by students listening to the teacher or interacting with one another, so good acoustics are key. Studies show that in classrooms with poor acoustics, students can miss every fourth word and thereby struggle to understand the information that’s [...]

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How the office environment can impact the health and wellness of your organisation.

As employees return to the normality of working in the office, many of us are taking a closer look into the environments that our teams have been working in over the last two years – the office, the kitchen, and the dining room table. Health and wellness in a workplace are becoming more important, with [...]

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The impact of noise in the office

Everyone knows working in a noisy environment can be distracting, and often, you find yourself listening in on another conversation – who’s guilty? Office layouts and how businesses operate look different from what they did a few years ago. Modern offices are embracing open-plan spaces and implementing collaborative working over unconventional arrangements like the classic [...]

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Providing acoustic solutions and privacy – How Interstall addressed the problem for Contact Energy.

Atriums give an open feel to a building but are often susceptible to sound transmission due to the spatial size of the open space that cores a building.   As building owners, the client had leased out two floors to new tenants occupying office spaces. Due to the building's architectural design, it had a large atrium [...]

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Transforming an old butcher’s shop to a functional, acoustic proofed video and photography studio

HOWIE is a professional photography and videography studio servicing the Wellington region which was struggling with echoes, background noise and general aesthetic improvements in their new studio. Originally an old butcher’s shop, the Interstall team transformed HOWIE’s new studio into a multifunctional space using the latest in acoustic solutions and design. We sat down with [...]

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Industry trends in the commercial and private office space.

To wrap up 2021, we sat down with Finn Forsyth-Wright (Installation Manager) and discussed industry trends and how the working environment is changing. Finn, can you give a brief overview of the industry landscape at the moment, particularly after COVID-19? It's an interesting topic as many workplaces are still discovering how the impact of COVID-19 [...]

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Collaborative Working Spaces

With the rise of remote working, shared co-working spaces, open office plans and hot-desking, the way we work is changing. Office trends are moving towards flexibility and space efficiency to accommodate the changing way we work, with many organisations beginning to question the traditional meeting room and the 9-5. The global pandemic encouraged many employees [...]

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See How Our Installs Are Transforming Commercial Spaces

Interstall undertakes a range of install projects on behalf of our partners. Our job is to make sure the quality of the installation reflects the quality of the products.  Our partners offer solutions that are not only practical, but also sleek, modern, and professional; so there’s no risk of sacrificing beauty to achieve function. We [...]

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