Originally, Interstall started as a ‘one man band’ out of a single home garage, born in 2016 with the goal of delivering a hassle-free service to the facility and commercial furniture industry here in Wellington. These days, just six years later, we’re run by a daring husband and wife duo based out in Petone, recognised in the industry by top suppliers and widely known by Government departments. We’re a close-knit team that work together to achieve success for our clients, and we aim to create a supportive environment for our team and our clients.

Rather than falling under the term ‘labourers,’ here at Interstall we like to say that we’re a group of skilled and personable professionals, experts in what we do. We’ve seen it all across our years in the business, and this has only made us more determined to be the ones you trust to fit out your space. We’re known in the industry for our quality workmanship for all sorts of projects, large or small. A project can range from shifting, installing or reconfiguring 1-1000 pieces of furniture, and we work with a combination of leading furniture manufacturers, architects and designers to ensure the job gets done to a high standard.

Our services are wide-ranging, beginning with furniture installation, facilities maintenance, office reconfigurations, relocations, and even includes specialised acoustic installations. But what actually happens in the first instance of contacting us?

Generally, a facility or office manager will reach out to a member of the team with an enquiry and we’ll work from there. We cover just about anything from relocating furniture to furniture removal, or anything facilities-oriented, so the project could even be as small as fixing a door handle!

Our Installation Manager will then travel to site to scope out the project, discuss and make recommendations from there. So we’ve got the problem profile, what next?

Once a plan is in place to get the project underway, the next step is to liaise with suppliers and identify what products are needed. Our Operations Administrator will then sit down with our Installation Manager to discuss the project in more depth and give a price-bracket, which is then passed back to the customer. Dependent on approval from the customer, a plan will then be put in place for our highly skilled installers to travel and complete the job!

Looking to relocate or reconfigure your office space but not sure where to start? We’d be happy to help and ensure your space is up to fit. Our team are experts in what they do, and are happy to take over the heavy lifting of the job, so you don’t have to! Whether you need one desk or an entire office re-do, Interstall is the team you can trust. Get started by contacting us using the below link.