When it comes to time spent in the classroom, we know most of that time is spent by students listening to the teacher or interacting with one another, so good acoustics are key. Studies show that in classrooms with poor acoustics, students can miss every fourth word and thereby struggle to understand the information that’s being taught.

As time has passed, educational practices and the way we learn have evolved. There is a greater focus now on collaborative and interactive learning, and with that comes the need for a learning space fit to purpose. Most schools / classrooms are behind when it comes to adequate acoustic performance.

Autex Acoustics, leaders in global design, have been in the business for over 50 years, and have been developing high-end interior acoustic solutions for spaces like this since 2000. Their acoustic products are specially designed to control and prevent excessive noise in classrooms with the purpose of creating a calm and productive space for children to thrive.

There are a couple of key ways this is done:

  • Composition wallcoverings – primarily an acoustic and decorative fabric, it is designed as an alternative to paint and wallpaper. Available in a range of colours to fit your classroom aesthetic, a Composition wallcovering comes with a pinnable surface to allow for creative and visual expression, lending itself as a canvas for all your blossoming ideas, student or teacher alike. Composition wallcoverings are the most popular interior solution when it comes to creating a long-lasting and well-performing acoustic solution within an educational environment.



  • Cube Acoustic panels – these are the go-to product when seeking acoustic panels for your classroom or office-space. Designed with the idea of rejecting traditional acoustic panels, they come in a range of customisable moulded or grooved patterns, with the purpose of creating a high-performance acoustic solution inclusive of a unique and vibrant design to enhance your classroom space. Like other Autex products, they are created to be long-lasting and well-performing, but entirely customisable.



Looking to upgrade your classroom or educational space and have an Autex product in mind? The Interstall team would be happy to assist to ensure your learning space is designed to fit. Get started by contacting us using the below link.