Interstall undertakes a range of install projects on behalf of our partners. Our job is to make sure the quality of the installation reflects the quality of the products. 

Our partners offer solutions that are not only practical, but also sleek, modern, and professional; so there’s no risk of sacrificing beauty to achieve function. We carry on this principle, ensuring the products are installed and maintained at the highest possible calibre. 

Below is a feature on some projects Interstall have recently completed to showcase some of our recent installations– and maybe even spark some inspiration. 


Vidak Retreat Pods and Walls

Another project Interstall has recently completed for Vidak is installing retreat pods and walls. Retreat pods and walls act as important space dividers, allowing for privacy and acoustic control. This recent retreat wall installation for Vidak included shelves, increasing functionality and spatial intelligence.

Plant walls

This photo depicts a plant wall Interstall has installed on behalf, before the plants have been added.

Plant walls are a space solution increasing in popularity. Plants offer commercial spaces added colour, vitality, aesthetic value, and air purification. They also act as a space divider and allow for privacy. 

Autex Acoustic hanging screens

Also called Cascades, Autex acoustic hanging screens fall from the ceiling, dividing spaces, and providing acoustic control. Acoustic hanging walls allow spaces to be divided without the expensive, time consuming, permanency of undergoing renovations. Autex Cascades are simple to install, remove, and replace. They’re also made right here in New Zealand.

These recent installs demonstrate the range of colours and designs Autex offers, so customers can decide whether they want their Cascades to blend in or stand out. 


Through our furniture and manufacturing partners, Interstall installs a range of products for many acoustic, storage, and furniture needs. These featured products exemplify the versatility of Interstall, and the many problems we endeavour to solve.

If you’d like to find out how Interstall can improve your commercial space, contact us today.