The UFBA engaged Interstall originally for clearing the general office floor furniture, and relocating this once renovations were complete.  In the process of discussing how the fit out would work, it was revealed that Interstall could also provide the UFBA with assistance in using screens to create a division between the reception area and the office space.

Partitions can provide an otherwise open space a degree of privacy, but if not done properly, run the risk of shutting off a space entirely.  The UFBA had been in their current building for some time, being a long-standing organisation. As a result, the space was also due for a bit of a refresh. With a requirement for visual privacy between team members, the client reached out to Interstall to seek advice on a suitable solution for the space.

The challenge in this instance was to find a way of creating privacy through partitioning sections of the space, while also keeping the office relatively open.

The client worked with Interstall to look at a variety of ways in which to create a warm and inviting space that wouldn’t shut out the rest of the office.

Interstall advised the client that installing hanging screens would provide the privacy they seek, while also aiding in terms of providing sound absorption across the space.

Interstall provided a variety of options, including screens with different sections cut out so the client would recognise how the product could be customised to suit their needs.

Once dimensions had been determined and installation was complete, the client asked the Interstall team about the possibility of relocating the screens to a different walkway within the building that better suited their needs. This was an easy job for the team that was completed with no extra stress.

Upon completion of both the installation and relocation of the client’s furniture, Interstall also returned a week later to assist with installation of a new reception counter – and with that, the UFBA space was finally complete!

In being flexible and not limited to being merely an installation company, Interstall was able to provide a range of solutions to the problems presented by the UFBA, which meant work for those in the office was not disrupted by a delay in the space being ready.

The design of the hanging screens offered a solution to the issue of privacy within the space while also keeping the space relatively open, as the screens are designed in such a way that they can easily be moved around. The Interstall team was able to navigate this project with professionalism thanks to our team’s expertise, ensuring a result entirely tailored to the client’s needs, for which they were grateful.

No matter the project, big or small, Interstall is the team you trust, with expertise in office installations, relocations, reconfigurations and more. Talk to our team today about how we can help with your next project.

“Nothing was an issue and they got the job done. They were a great team to work with!

 The partitions look amazing and give the office an open and fresh feel. We cannot thank you enough for listening to our needs, working to our budget and providing the finishing touches to an office that staff love.”