How We Work: Working with Interstall

We just want to be clear about how it works when you work with Interstall.

Most of the time, we are the subcontractor – working on behalf of furniture providers and manufacturers.

Meaning, Facilities Managers or property owners engage a furniture provider to supply furniture for an office fit out or alteration. Interstall provides the installation component of the project.

We don’t sell office furniture direct, but can help by connecting you with our partners.

Interstall is contracted to deliver, configure and install furniture on behalf of the furniture company.

Alternatively, Interstall can be contracted direct for facilities maintenance such as; reconfigurations, relocations, disposing, storing furniture, chair maintenance and some building maintenance.

Our relationship with our major contractors is special, so, we request that if you require installation services that you simply request Interstall for the installation component of the project via your furniture supplier – we’d only be too happy to help.

One product we do supply and install directly is acoustics – please contact us for more information.

So, in summary, we just want to be clear, most of the time our work is through our contracting partners. Please contact us if we can connect you with our suppliers and we will provide the installation component.

We look forward to working with you in the future, and any questions, please contact us.