Everyone knows working in a noisy environment can be distracting, and often, you find yourself listening in on another conversation – who’s guilty?

Office layouts and how businesses operate look different from what they did a few years ago. Modern offices are embracing open-plan spaces and implementing collaborative working over unconventional arrangements like the classic cube office structure.

While open-space layouts are aesthetically designed, facilitate collaboration, and encourage interaction, these spaces are susceptible to noise and distractions, impacting employee productivity.

So how do you get the best of both? Here’s how:

Much of the problem for open office spaces is the hard surfaces that bounce sound around rather than absorb it. Sound transmission can easily be mitigated by adding soft furnishings to an area, such as carpet, furniture, multipurpose booths pods and acoustic treatments.

Innovative acoustic solutions like Autex Acoustics offer products specifically designed for offices. They offer high performing acoustic treatments like Cube acoustic panels, Quietspace Panels, and Cascade Screens that are engineered to absorb sound energy and designed to blend into interior environments. Custom designs and patterns can overlay the product, offering colour variations to enhance the versatility and creative freedom in office spaces.


Shown above: Quietspace Panels, Cascade Screens and Cube Product from Autex Acoustics.


Soft furnishings and textures can also help reduce sound transmission while adding colour and warmth to a space. A great option is pods and booths from Vidak These offer multipurpose spaces for individual and collaborative working, giving additional privacy for employees when working in open-plan office spaces. With some movable capabilities, pod and booth furniture options can be a great option when designing or redesigning the office layout without the need for solid fixtures like rooms and walls.


If the office needs an upgrade, our team can help point you in the right direction to ensure your new space is functionally designed and acoustic proofed. We are happy to organise your installations and work with you to ensure your space is ready to move in! Talk to us today