Product Feature: Autex 3D Tiles

Autex are leaders in designing and developing acoustic products. Their interior acoustic range includes the Autex 3D Tiles, wall art designed for stylish and customisable acoustic control.  Autex 3D Tiles are ideal for any office, retail, hospitality, commercial, or residential acoustic needs. The 3D Tiles deliver excellent control of reverberated noise in building interiors, but [...]

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Solving Optimal Workshop’s big (noisy) problem

Optimal Workshop had a big (noisy) problem – the sound quality in their meeting rooms was “painful” and video/audio calls were near impossible. Situated in a converted theatre space, a combination of high ceiling spaces and architecture challenges meant meeting rooms had an echo of up to 1.5 seconds. With a large portion of Optimal [...]

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Dynamic, Engaging, Interactive Learning Environments (using Autex)

The design and implementation of education facilities is critical to positive learning outcomes. Research has indicated that integrative learning environments (ILE’s) that evolve and adapt to changes in educational practices enable children to engage (more) effectively. An ILE is created through constructing and facilitating student-centered learning environments, often with a central open-plan teaching space surrounded [...]

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Why office space is needed.

The global pandemic we are experiencing in 2020 has left many in the workforce pondering whether a workspace is necessary at all. Almost overnight employees were sent home, with no designated “offices”, juggling work demands with childcare, vying for space at the family dining table to get work done - and what happened? They got [...]

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Innovative Learning Environments: Early Childhood Education and Schools.

Education, and the way it is being delivered, is evolving in order to keep up with the pace of learning in 2020. Innovative Learning Environments (ILE’s\) are at the forefront of this, as an approach that fosters collaboration through future-focused environments, with a modern approach to how students are learning.ILE’s are created through constructing and [...]

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Why traditional office space design is becoming extinct.

Millennials are currently driving the most profound and diverse changes in the way that we are working that we have ever seen. The traditional 9-5 environment, restricted to cubicles or offices and email communication is becoming quickly redundant as this new age group of leaders drive collaboration and flexibility, as suggested by In Habitat. Millennials [...]

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Facilities Managers: Time to Start Thinking About the Christmas Period Now

Future planning and organisation are key attributes of any successful workplace. Thinking forward to the remainder of the year, it is vital to begin planning facilities maintenance now for the Christmas period in order to operate successfully and smoothly in 2021. While there are many facilities maintenance tasks that contribute to ease of operations, we [...]

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Design inspiration and furniture trends

Dynamic workspaces that are people-focused and provide both form and function to employees contribute to increased workplace satisfaction. This feature will give you the insight to design innovation and furniture trends that we are anticipating for 2021.Millennials are driving office design through their environmentally considered attitudes, and workplaces are evolving to reflect this. One trend [...]

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