HOWIE is a professional photography and videography studio servicing the Wellington region which was struggling with echoes, background noise and general aesthetic improvements in their new studio. Originally an old butcher’s shop, the Interstall team transformed HOWIE’s new studio into a multifunctional space using the latest in acoustic solutions and design. We sat down with Tareq Branney from HOWIE to learn more about what it was like to work with Interstall on this unique project.


At their studio space in Pinehaven, HOWIE found the space susceptible to background noise and echoes due to the concrete walls and flooring. The echoey space caused communication difficulties when working.

Originally built as a butcher’s shop, the concrete foundation did not provide any soft furnishings to help with noise absorption. Despite adding furniture to absorb excess noise, HOWIE felt the space was unprofessional and was difficult to curate content. This led HOWIE to explore other options for acoustic solutions.


Opting for an entry-level installation, Interstall provided HOWIE with a range of acoustic options suitable to the space. From advising the client on the specifications and the purpose of the available products, the solution was to install six Quietspace panels from Autex Acoustics, with a vertiface over the top to create a colour.

Due to the original fit-out of the space, the room was odd-shaped with existing wooden panels and lights. Interstall cut the product to size to fit the ceiling space working around these existing features. The team installed 50mm Quietspace panels, which were pinned to the ceiling rather than glued. This is beneficial to HOWIE as they can easily remove the panels if they move to a new premises and reinstall them at a new studio.

Before the installation

Installation complete

From previously measuring the space and cutting the product to fit the ceiling layout, Interstall completed the install in a day which did not disrupt HOWIE.

“The Interstall team were friendly, tidy and professional, which made the whole process seamless and stress-free” says Tareq Branney of HOWIE.


With the installation complete, HOWIE is now a multifunctional space with excellent acoustics. The Autex product was cut and installed to fit the existing space and the future proofing of the panels offer HOWIE long term useability.


“I could not believe the difference the tiles have made. It is unbelievable. If you had told me the difference it would make before the install, I wouldn’t have believed you. The Interstall team did a great job. The panels make the studio feel cozier and more inviting for my team and customers, and make it a better working space. ” Tareq Branney – Director, HOWIE.


If you would like to discuss how Autex products from Interstall can benefit your space, let’s talk!