As employees return to the normality of working in the office, many of us are taking a closer look into the environments that our teams have been working in over the last two years – the office, the kitchen, and the dining room table.

Health and wellness in a workplace are becoming more important, with some suggesting it is just as important as health and safety and should be treated the same. It’s becoming a topic of conversation in many organisations as businesses look to make positive changes in working environments.

So how can organisations look at ways to better care for employees’ physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing in the workplace?

The overall design of an office is a great place to start and can have the biggest impact on employee motivation and morale. Consider this – when you walk into an office with no colour, patterns, textures, or décor, how does it feel? Compared to an office with colourful features, ergonomic furniture, plant walls and soft furnishings, which would you choose to work in?


Stark whites, dull colours, and patterns create bland spaces for those working in an environment and can negatively impact employees’ overall wellbeing. Instead, offices can use colour and patterns to enrich and invigorate a space, creating environments that promote positive wellbeing. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Custom patterned, or feature walls
  • Autex Acoustic Cascade Screens that offer a colourful and patterned alternative to divider walls in open plan offices, with the added acoustic capabilities
  • Ergonomic furniture and desk arrangements
  • Biophilic design elements such as plant features and walls, or incorporating Autex Timber Panels to incorporate a natural element to the office

Offering creative and innovative spaces like booths and pods from Vidak is another great way to add to the overall design of an office while also being a space where employees can work away from the noise. These can be fully integrated with technology and screens, accommodating group work, meetings, and silent solo work.


While a hybrid way of working is likely here to stay, it’s important to offer a positive environment in the office for employees. Creating spaces that feel vibrant brings the mood of the office up and keeps employees inspired by the office they work in – it’s a win-win!

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