With the rise of remote working, shared co-working spaces, open office plans and hot-desking, the way we work is changing.

Office trends are moving towards flexibility and space efficiency to accommodate the changing way we work, with many organisations beginning to question the traditional meeting room and the 9-5. The global pandemic encouraged many employees to work from home, and as a result, organisations have begun to embrace the change from structured formal office spaces to informal and flexible spaces that offer efficiency and convenience for businesses and employees.

Hot desking has become the new way of working, and it offers many benefits from flexibility to convenience and maximising space utilisation in the office. This allows desk spaces to be used by different people and, on an ad hoc basis enabling employees to work where and when they wish.  Aimed to improve space efficiency and reduce redundant office space, hot-desking is becoming popular in private offices and co-working spaces.


Autex Cascade Hanging Screens for Acoustic Solutions and Vidak Retreat Pods.

Traditional open plan working environments typically offer more noise and distractions. However, with the advanced sound technology of Autex’s range of acoustic solutions, offices are finding creative ways to mitigate noise and distractions whilst promoting collaborative spaces which are adaptable for working and meetings. With the addition of sit/stand desks, charging ports, and soundproofing in their design, booths, and meeting pods can also double as quiet working spaces for group or private working while offering less distraction.

Organisations are also finding informal and collaborative spaces are less costly, less intrusive and less time consuming to install. This allows meeting pods, booths, screens, and office fixtures to be more portable and moveable within the office and relocatable to new premises if and when your business decides to move.


Vidak Retreat Pods and Autex Acoustic Solutions Cascade Hanging Screens 

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