Millennials are currently driving the most profound and diverse changes in the way that we are working that we have ever seen. The traditional 9-5 environment, restricted to cubicles or offices and email communication is becoming quickly redundant as this new age group of leaders drive collaboration and flexibility, as suggested by In Habitat.

Millennials leaders are transforming the way workplaces operate. This cohort is significantly more interested in encouraging collaboration between employees, and actively facilitate creating an environment which allows for organic creative conversations. Companies are now, more than ever, interested in facilitating dynamic workspaces that allow for collaboration. Open plan group settings, creatively tailored communal spaces, retreat lounges and features such as Vidak’s Pod Retreat Focus allow for employees from traditionally separate roles to collaborate purely through chance interactions. The Vidak’s Pod Retreat Focus supports an agile workplace, with a quiet and comfortable retreat providing a sense of privacy in an open-plan office. Team members can conduct intimate discussions within the Pod, that can then be reconfigured to allow for an open-plan space due to the modular kit, complete with clipping panels. Rigid quiet meeting rooms are redundant in the evolving workplace we are currently experiencing, and these pods provide the perfect blend of privacy with the ease of reconfiguration in a dynamic workplace.

A compounding factor in the anticipated extinction of the traditional office space is the driving force of millennials to reduce or eliminate the use of email. A significant number of emails that are received by staff members each day tend to be junk, and the consistent checking of emails is inefficient. Instead, many millennials in leadership positions are pushing to have all internal communications carried out in person for efficiency, or over programs such as internal chat messengers. This is unique and will change the way workers move about a workplace, increasing further demand for open plan office with an ease of flow, but also demand for quiet pods where staff can retreat to discuss sensitive matters or hold conversations without disruption.

Traditional offices are becoming extinct. If we can assist in keeping your workplace current and performing optimally be sure to request Interstall as your installation provider via your preferred manufacturer today or contact us here.