Future planning and organisation are key attributes of any successful workplace. Thinking forward to the remainder of the year, it is vital to begin planning facilities maintenance now for the Christmas period in order to operate successfully and smoothly in 2021.

While there are many facilities maintenance tasks that contribute to ease of operations, we have kept this to tasks that are easier to carry out over a Christmas shut down period. Consider tasks that are less niggly or inconvenient while staff arent around, because Interstall is available during this period.

  1.  Relocation work within floors – reconfiguring office space is far more practical while staff are away. Rearranging desks and work stations are something we can assist with.
  2. Moving buildings. If your business is looking to shift locations, the Christmas period is ideal for minimising disruption. Interstall can assist with office equipment.
  3. Installing dynamically flexible workspaces (work pods or moving doors for example) to help with your employees’ workflow and productivity in 2021.
  4. Install acoustic installations such as these by Autex to optimise office productivity and reduce noise pollution.
  5. Smaller maintenance tasks such as fixing loose fixtures or toilet door maintenance, replacing door handles.
  6. Seismic bracing to ensure staff and workplace are protected in the event of an earthquake. Office chair maintenance and upholstery cleaning to ensure staff start 2021 comfortably.
  7. Storage of office equipment if you are planning on relocating offices in the new year.
  8. Sustainable donating on your behalf – if you are using the Christmas break to have a cleanout of office equipment no longer required, let us assist you with hassle-free sorting and sustainable disposal.

We understand that as a facilities manager you have challenges around programming maintenance work. Let’s work together to get work done at a time where staff aren’t inconvenienced. Talk to us today to start customising your Christmas facilities maintenance projects, because successful facilities management always starts with a plan.