Education, and the way it is being delivered, is evolving in order to keep up with the pace of learning in 2020. Innovative Learning Environments (ILE’s\) are at the forefront of this, as an approach that fosters collaboration through future-focused environments, with a modern approach to how students are learning.

ILE’s are created through constructing and facilitating student-centred learning environments, often with a central open-plan teaching space surrounded by smaller breakout rooms. This structure allows a teacher to educate students in a central space but also allows students to direct their own learning in self-directed zones.

A recent pilot study by the Ministry of Education trialled ILE’s in selected schools. With a focus on openness and flexibility these spaces allowed for a similar approach to the modern workplace – allowing students to work in large or small groups, as a class, or individually.

The results of these preliminary studies were significant, with students reportedly more engaged with learning, less disruptive and gaining higher academic achievement. It was displayed within this initial trial that student learning was optimised in an environment that was flexible; a space encompassing moveable walls, agile furniture and sliding doors to create spaces as those in the classroom felt necessary.

In order to ensure such an environment is conducive to education, however, acoustics must be at the forefront of design. The Ministry of Education advises that “an acoustically good classroom will have approximately 75% of its walls covered with an appropriate pinboard material, the ceiling will have a sound-absorbent surface, and the roof structure will prevent rain noise being a nuisance.”

Autex Cube is a lightweight and semi-rigid acoustic panel that can be used as a wall covering in educational environments to reduce noise pollution. Cube panelling can be tailored to fit a specific space and provides exceptional acoustic performance to minimise noise disturbance within the classroom. Educational facilities who have installed Cube panelling have reported that the installation “has led the way for innovation and design when creating the optimal learning space for children”.

If you would like to discuss how installing Autex Cube into your educational facility could benefit your students and teaching faculty, get in touch with us today.