Autex are leaders in designing and developing acoustic products. Their interior acoustic range includes the Autex 3D Tiles, wall art designed for stylish and customisable acoustic control. 

Autex 3D Tiles are ideal for any office, retail, hospitality, commercial, or residential acoustic needs. The 3D Tiles deliver excellent control of reverberated noise in building interiors, but Autex designs go beyond a singular purpose.

Today we are highlighting the additional features and benefits Autex 3D tiles offer.

Tailored design

Autex 3D Tiles offer visual appeal for a range of interiors. The 3D Tiles are simple to install, giving you the freedom to arrange the colours and styles in various combinations. With the selection of 15 colours in eight different styles, you can customise the wall art to suit your unique space. The Autex website features a 3D Tiles Colour and Style Selector, so you can visualise the various colour and style combinations.


This image depicts an installation of 3D Tiles. It shows how an Autex client has customised the colour and layout of the tiles to compliment their office space. 



Autex is committed to producing quality sustainable products. All 3D Tiles are made from 100% Polyester Fibre, with a minimum of 55% of this being previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET bottle-flake). All polyester fibres used by Autex promote safe indoor air quality, and will not become an airborne pollutant. You can read more about Autex’s commitment to sustainability here.


This Autex client has opted for a unique, circular design with multicoloured tiles.


With these added benefits, Autex 3D Tiles are a worthwhile investment for your acoustic needs.

Interstall is proud to supply and install Autex products. Their 3D Tiles are just one of the many tailored acoustic solutions Autex offer, so get in touch with us today to discuss your acoustic panelling needs.