Optimal Workshop had a big (noisy) problem – the sound quality in their meeting rooms was “painful” and video/audio calls were near impossible.

Situated in a converted theatre space, a combination of high ceiling spaces and architecture challenges meant meeting rooms had an echo of up to 1.5 seconds. With a large portion of Optimal Workshop’s client base being international, video calls are a core business function.

Optimal Workshop tried adding soft furnishings to meeting rooms and turning down speakers, yet the echo remained.

Upon partnering with Marshall Day Acoustic Engineers/Architects, a design plan was put in place. Marshall Day completed sound testing and measuring, to prepare a design and plan to transform sound quality within the office space.

Recommendations were made to install Autex panelling to reduce sound interference and improve video sound quality.

Interstall installed Autex Quietspace® Panels, similar to the ones pictured above, into five meeting rooms. The Quietspace® panels are a high-performance acoustic panel suitable for both wall and ceiling applications. Quietspace® Panels have been engineered to absorb a minimum of 85% of the sound energy it meets, making it the perfect acoustic solution for spaces with high noise levels.

There was an initial concern that the chosen product may detract from the overall space look and feel, however it was “aesthetically pleasing” upon installation.

Throughout the installation, Interstall had to navigate many challenges; a range of surfaces, air conditioning ducts and light fittings in inconvenient locations, difficult walk angles, curved, flat, and some concrete. All challenges aside, the project was completed with great results!

“We cannot thank Interstall enough for how quickly and professionally they installed our Autex panelling. Nothing was a problem. Mark and the team navigated some difficult challenges but ensured the job was delivered to a high standard. It has utterly transformed our experience of our meeting rooms and I’ve had so much positive feedback from our staff.” – Eva Yocum – Optimal Workshop.

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