Dynamic workspaces that are people-focused and provide both form and function to employees contribute to increased workplace satisfaction. This feature will give you the insight to design innovation and furniture trends that we are anticipating for 2021.

Millennials are driving office design through their environmentally considered attitudes, and workplaces are evolving to reflect this. One trend we expect to see more of in 2021 is the use of wood, with its organic motif and a nod to sustainability, wood can be manufactured for sleek office design. Wood and glass offices bring a natural, calm vibe to a workplace, and can also work well to mitigate noise pollution in higher density work areas. Alongside this, we don’t expect to see the greenery trend going anywhere, with indoor plants becoming a staple in many workspaces. Living walls, biophilic design and jungle-esq offices increase productivity far further than their pleasing aesthetics alone. Plants bring an element of the serene but also work to wake employees up, decrease stress and increase happiness among employees. That is a trend we can all get on board with!

Dynamic spaces are a trend we have also seen evolve as a way to meet the needs of multidisciplinary workspaces. This will level up in 2021 with the introduction of “dynamic flexibility”. This trend will see the ease of transition of a workplace for integrative work, transforming a private conference room to a podcast studio or open-plan workspace in the blink of an eye. With moveable walls and lightweight furniture, wall panelling for acoustic performance and advancements in office technology, workplaces will be transformed into dynamic spaces. This trend allows businesses to capitalise on smaller workplaces through innovative design, opening up the ability to work smarter in an evolving workspace.

We are excited to see the trends of 2021 come to life. If you are feeling inspired to design your workspace with these in mind, request Interstall as your installation partner via your preferred manufacturer today, and let’s get working together.