We sat down with Director Julie Yates to get to know the operations mastermind behind Interstall. Here’s Julie’s quick fire interview…


What’s the favourite part of your Interstall day?

The favourite part of my day would be how dynamic it can be. Every day is different and as a team we enjoy having a range of challenges to get through.

Share a surprising fact about Interstall?

Interstall was started by Mark in 2016 out of our home garage, now it is a family run business and even includes our dog Charlie who is the office mascot.

Best feedback from a client?

We have a strong attitude at Interstall of just getting it done. A customer once asked “where’s Finn, he’s good, he works fast and just wants to get sh*t done”. I love this feedback as it sums up what we are here to do.

Tell us, what you couldn’t do without?

A good team! We are so fortunate to have great staff working at Interstall and without them we would struggle to be where we are today.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

2021 is going to be an interesting year following on from 2020. We are looking forward to the diversity that every day brings. We love working through our customers challenges and help them get the end result they are hoping for.


Thanks for sharing an insight to your Interstall days Julie!

Want to get in touch with Julie? Email julie@interstall.co.nz or call 0508 INTERSTALL (246 782)