Product Feature: Autex Acoustic

At Interstall, we are proud to supply and install Autex products. Leaders in acoustic products, Autex acoustic products are made from 100% polyester fibres, with no chemical binders and certified low VOC - making them non-toxic and non-allergenic.Suitable for new builds or retrofits, these acoustic products create an ideal and productive environment for offices, schools, [...]

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Product feature: Autex Acoustic

Autex is a leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing acoustics and insulation products.With sustainability at the forefront of their business, Autex design their wide variety of acoustic solutions to redefine your environment through controlling reverberated noise. This product feature will step you through some of the innovative products that set Autex apart within the [...]

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The Link Between Workplace Design + Workpace Culture

Strong workplace culture is essential in today’s society due to the continuously evolving and dynamic way in which we are working. A place of work is no longer just that, instead employees benefit culture, collaboration and fun within a progressive workplace environment. The way an employee experiences their work environment can lead to an increase [...]

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Dynamic Workplace Trends: How People Are Working

Part of our job is understanding how people are working and how businesses are adapting in the workplace. One noticeable trend has been a move towards ‘week on, week off’ for staff in relation to attending the office. This seems to be an effort to encourage social distancing and provide flexibility as we navigate Alert [...]

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Dispose, Reuse, Recycle or Donate.

Ever wondered what happens to old office furniture when businesses upgrade or implement a new fitout? Sometimes office furniture will simply end up in the landfill, but when Interstall work with companies they consciously dispose, reuse, recycle or donate. “It takes a conscious effort to dispose, reuse, recycle or donate office furniture” says Julie Yates, [...]

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Making Workplaces COVID-19 Safe – What We Did

As New Zealand dealt with unprecedented times fighting COVID-19, some businesses required support to continue operating. Some of the projects and services we offered were: Moving Desks To comply with social distancing standards, Interstall dismantled, moved, relocated and amended desk layouts. Perspex Screen Installations Interstall installed perspex screens for protection. For example, adding perspex screens [...]

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Project Showcase: BRANZ Judgeford

PROJECT SHOWCASE: BRANZ Judgeford SUPPLIER: Zenith Interiors Project Outline: The installation location at BRANZ had a lot of hard surfaces resulting in echo and noise when crowded with people. Interstall were contracted by Zenith Interiors to install Buzziland acoustic panels. Product Used: Buzziland acoustic panels were installed suspended to the ceiling. This insulated felt panel [...]

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Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainability in the Workplace Today, sustainability is mainstream. And, being environmentally conscious does elevate a business above the competition. In the workplace, we are seeing higher demand for sustainable practices and work space options. Workplaces are opting to use sustainable materials for office fit outs and furniture. For example, Autex offers a diverse range of [...]

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