We sat down with Founder Mark Yates to get to know the man behind Interstall. Here’s his quick fire interview…


What the best part about your Interstall day?

Arriving in the morning knowing that no day is the same.

What would you say is your most impactful project/installation to date?

BNZ 96 The Terrace has been one of the larger projects we have done to date. This project dates back to after the Kaikoura earthquake where we worked with Vidak to dismantle all of the desks at one of their buildings that unfortunately had damage from the earthquake. We then installed these workstations over multiple sites in Wellington. The final stage was installing workstations and breakout furniture over 10 floors at the current premises on The Terrace in Wellington.

WHY did you started Interstall?

In 2016 I saw a gap in the market. I thought we could we do it better and offer a more specialised solution to fix peoples pains.

What’s your favourite product to install?

My favourite is bespoke office furniture. I love the challenge of installing custom pieces or designs. I enjoy working closely with our project managers to ensure their projects run smoothly.

If not at work, we will find you where/doing what…?

BBQ’ing with a cold one enjoying company of friends and family.


Thanks for sharing an insight to your Interstall journey Mark!

Want to get in touch with Mark? Email mark@interstall.co.nz or call 0508 INTERSTALL (246 782)